EAF Capabilities

Over 30 years of technical, business, analytical, and cultural experience in the US, China, Southeast Asia, and Europe.


We help you establish useful (meaning: your management will actually look at them) metrics based on your strategy.  We leverage deep business understanding with the latest technology in machine learning and forecasting.  We recommend integration of external data (macro/micro-economic, social/demographic market performance, and competitive intelligence) because many companies focus KPIs purely on internal measurements.  When you are testing a market-based strategy, you need metrics that relate to what is happening in the markets you play in, and we can help with that.  Examples include:

• Statistical analysis and Monte Carlo simulation using sales opportuity pipeline data (e.g. SalesForce) to generate accurate probabilistic forecasts based on pipeline.  In addition, we show where anomalous distriutions tell you where you have problems before you notice them.

• Integration of multi-parameter regression model of sales data with economic data and pipeline data, augmened with neural network post-processing to generate long-range (e.g. 3 - 12 months) forecasts with better than 10% accuracy.

• Led development of analysis tools & metrics of sales performance in all vertical markets as well as vs. key OEMs for > $1B in revenues. Integrated CRM/Pipeline data from Oracle CRM with internal sales data and external market data for dashboard views and trending of likely future sales and markets.

Due Diligence

We have worked on acquisitions up to ~$100M leading to successful deal closure and fruitful integration into the parent company.  Our combination of broad business experience and deep technical knowledge means we ask the right questions and highlight important issues.  We understand norms for engineering, R&D, marketing, and sales spend and can spot when things are unusual and dig deeper.  Our technology knowledge includes photonics, silicon photonics, electronics, RF engineering & antennas, machine learning, visualization & analytics, internet of things, sensors, fluid dynamics, optical-chemical measurements, reactor dynamics, chemical lasers, and cryogenics.

• Due diligence for $100M acquisition of telematics connectivity solutions company and formation of Telematics Solutions business unit.

• Due diligence for $90M acquisition of infrastructure antenna company and formation of infrastructure antenna systems business unit for a specialty electronics/RF company.

Analysis & Strategy

We help you create strategic plans based on inspecting your current business, analyzing your markets, assessing internal value chains, strengths & weaknesses, customer inputs, financial performance, and more.  We use this information to help you map existing activities into a share-growth decision matrix, or more complex attractiveness analysis using models we have developed.  We are also expert at analyzing other vertical markets, customer groups, and market niches to help you identify attractive areas for growth.  We partner with leading market data companies and conduct our own ongoing data-mining to keep current on a large number of global markets.  Examples include:

• Consultant/project leader for London headquarters and two Divisions of multi-national electronics firm developing strategic plans, market analysis, and portfolio analysis.

Product Development

Blaine Bateman has over 20 years of experience in R&D and product development spanning industries from chemical measurement to disk drives to RF antennas.  We leverage these skills to help you with product or project management, or to develop more robust product roadmaps.  Applying proven techniques we can ensure your product plans are linked to market forces and increase the likelihood of success.  Examples of past work:

• Managed Agile development team to build and launch a M2M system and analytics interface for Class I Railroads.

• Generated 20+ patent applications; launched 100+ programs in 42 months for global antenna company.

• Created industry-first validation guide for Total Organic Carbon analyzer, then developed customer validation program as a profit center within company.

• Managed research as Chief of the Chemical Engineering Division, NIST (US DoC).

Employee Development & Training

We develop customized training modules and seminars built upon actual experience.  Topics can range from strategic planning, to international markets, to team building.  Examples of modules we have delivered:

• Created all case studies and role play collateral for a Value Selling program in large multi-national tech company.

• Developed curriculum & led seminars on 3 continents in “Leveraging the Matrix—Building Effective Teams and Support Structures” as part of professional training program for multinational company.

• Developed and presented course lectures on Business & Marketing in China to University of Colorado undergraduate and MBA programs in International Business and Marketing.

• Invited speaker at Holland & Hart seminar on Doing Business in China.