How to work with EAF LLC

Our goal is to be the easiest to work with service provider.  Usually, we can accept your standard terms and conditions, just send them to us:

All our work is under NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with you.  Our standard NDA can be found here.  Or, send yours to us at the link above.

We will work with you to define a scope of work that exactly meets your needs.  This phase of work is at no charge, including necessary conference calls and document development.  We then quote fixed price contracts (not cost plus) for the labor portion of the work.  Our goal with this approach is to minimize cost overruns or surprises to you.

You can simply issue a PO as your approval to start work, or we can create and sign another contract.  We want to minimize your time and costs for paperwork, but are completely flexible.  Typically, we request 50% of the project labor quote with the initial order, and 50% upon completion.  Travel, special materials, or other direct expenses (not normal materials etc.) for you are invoiced monthly at our cost.  We will provide expense reports detailing all costs.

We can also work on a retained basis if you prefer that, and will advise our retainer fees etc. upon request.

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