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"...impressed by his depth of technical as well as market knowledge...was happy to make changes we suggested...all within a fixed cost. ...

"Not only are Blaine’s project management abilities unmatched, his attention to detail, political savvy and industry expertise directly contributed to the success..."  see more... 

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Blaine R. Bateman, Founder, Chief Data Officer

Insights from Data and Business Knowledge

We help you to use your data for competitive advantage

       Forecast modeling, SFDC data leveraging, machine learning, analytics

                                                 Dashboards, visualization, market insights, business intelligence                                

EAF is focused on the art of putting it all together: We help clients have “aha!” moments.  Perfecting your forecast, startling insights from data, understanding new markets…What can we add to your business?

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Over 30 years of technical, business, analytical, and cultural experience in the US, China, Southeast Asia, and Europe.  We have supported several successful deals in the $100M range leading to beneficial acquisitions.


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