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Blaine R. Bateman, Principal and President

Consultant, Technologist, Analyst, Strategist, Writer

Strategic thinking, global market insights, superlative analytical skills

EAF is focused on the art of putting it all together: We want to help clients have that “aha!” moment.  Finding the right acquisition, optimizing your portfolio, creating a better organization, understanding new markets…What can we add to your business?

We help you revitalize your strategy by examining your business, analyzing your markets, assessing internal value chains, strengths & weaknesses, customer inputs, financial performance, and more.  We map activities to discover the actual operating model of units to inform strategic change.

Over 30 years of technical, analytical, and cultural experience in the US, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, Germany, France, Sweden.  We have supported several successful deals in the $100M range leading to beneficial acquisitions.

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