A fusion of engineering and art?  What does that have to do with business and strategy?

My background is engineering and technology, but I never had a pocket full of pencils in a nifty pocket protector!  While studying Chemical Engineering I learned how to solve problems, by asking questions incessantly and making decisions using data.  I learned there are many ways to solve problems, some better than others. 

In the 1980s I created EAF to join creative thinking with sound problem solving.  Researcher and manager by day, I designed a new kind of bicycle during my “second work day”.  The belief that there is an art to creating value stayed with me throughout my career.

Fast forward to the 2000s, and I applied 20 years of experience to understanding markets and business strategy, analytics and KPIs.  What struck me after all these years was there is an art to seeing a big picture, getting a vision on how to solve a problem, then digging in with sound research approaches, superlative analysis, and presenting results in a beautiful form that enables management to say “aha!”.

Today I have focused EAF on strategy; combining data-driven analysis with the art of putting it all together, I want to help clients have that “aha!” moment.  Finding the right acquisition, optimizing your portfolio, creating a better organization, understanding new markets…What can we add to your business?