Customer Feedback

Stephanie Rizzuti, Director of Training at a FTSE 250 company:

"I had the opportunity to work with Blaine in a consulting capacity on an effort to design a new sales training program for my organization. Not only are Blaine’s project management abilities unmatched, his attention to detail, political savvy and industry expertise directly contributed to the success of our development effort.

"Beyond his expertise, Blaine is simply a pleasure to work with! I welcome all opportunities to work with Blaine on future efforts and highly recommend his work."

Jannette Avila, Communications and Marketing Manager, Laird Technologies

"EAF worked with the marketing team to develop a strategy that tightly aligned to the Corporate strategy. Mr. Bateman brought a deep understanding of strategy and our markets, and helped us with professional tools and guidance. The whole process was a great learning experience for our team, and significantly improved our strategy."

Lawrence Cunningham, Accenture Professor of Marketing, University of Colorado:

"Over the last several years, Blaine has been good enough to visit my graduate courses on Marketing in China and International Marketing. On these occasions, he’s provided a first class presentation on China, as well as developments in Europe and the Middle East. Blaine is a very knowledgeable analyst and expert in the area of International Business and particularly International Marketing. His background in new product development in high technology enterprises gives him a unique perspective on how to develop markets in these international markets. He is a consultant who 'talks the talk' but has 'walked the walk' on many occasions."

New Business Development Manager at a mid-cap Technology Company:

“EAF provided an excellent market analysis.  Mr. Bateman has a very collaborative style and was easy to work with.  Our team was impressed by his depth of technical as well as market knowledge.  Mr. Bateman was happy to make changes we suggested to add more detail, all within a fixed cost.  The final work product of a presentation to our team via a web meeting was very professional.  We continue to work with EAF in the markets of interest."

Monty Rohde, Vice President/General Manager, Laird Technologies Infrastructure Antenna Systems:

“I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Blaine Bateman for the last 12 years as a superior, colleague, subordinate, and consultant. He is an outstanding individual and excels at everything he works at. His work ethic and intelligence are unmatched in my opinion. 

Recently Blaine as head of EAF was involved with my business in a strategic assessment. I found the process illuminating and have been able to utilize many of the recommendations from the project report. I can recommend Blaine/EAF for strategic and market analysis in the areas of RF and Antennas in particular, based on my direct experience with his company. 

Blaine is very skilled across many areas – strategy, research, technical, managerial, finance, manufacturing, and marketing. These skills coupled with a very articulate manner and thoroughness in his work product makes gives him the tools to excel at every job he has had since I have known him. Blaine has the ability to relate to all types of people at all levels of an organization. He is respectful, courteous, engaging, and conducts business with a high level of integrity. 

I would hire or utilize Blaine in any capacity be it strategic planning or review, due diligence, market analysis, product analysis, manufacturing, six sigma, financial analysis, product development, or product marketing.”

Tom Cochran, President, Laird Technologies Wireless Systems Division:

“I have known Blaine for over 10 years working with him at Centurion and Laird Technologies. Most recently I hired him for some strategic consulting and would highly recommend Blaine.  Blaine has broad technology background and very strong understanding of markets. Combining this with his creativeness and interpersonal skills makes for great results. I would not hestiate hiring Blaine again and look forward to working with him in the future.”

Michael Sutsko, President, Laird Technologies Performance Materials Division:

"As our Division President, I recently hired Blaine to complete a market opportunity and business strategy analysis for one of our operating units. Blaine was able to very quickly engage our business unit, which is based in China, and work with the leadership to assess the business capabilities and market conditions. By applying rigorous discipline and a balanced understanding of information accuracy and relevance, we quickly were able to see critical options and relative risks. Blaine's work has become the basis for a re-framing of our strategy. Blaine brings to the table a very rare ability to both see the big picture and the critical details. Furthermore, he is able to move within each realm and between them logically and fluidly. The right answers and the basic truths emerge when the different points of view and details tend to reinforce each other and Blaine can find those instances clearly and definitively. I would recommend Blaine for strategic work from corporate to very tactical levels."