Hi, I’m Blaine Bateman, Founder & Chief Data Officer of EAF LLC.  With over 35 years of experience ranging from U.S. Government R&D to $1B company strategy under my belt, I now focus on predictive analytics and machine learning; in particular I can develop and deliver forecasting models for businesses, along with a full range of predictive modeling.  I have a record of invention, commercialization, and management that I bring to my clients to help them make great business decisions and accelerate their success.

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My strength comes from an unusual diversity of experience giving me a bigger technology base than most. I have led teams penetrating many industries and have always helped them become high performance groups.  My technology experience includes machine learning, business analytics, RF engineering, manufacturing, bio-separations, fluid dynamics, optical-chemical measurements, reactor dynamics, chemical lasers, cryogenics, and electronics.  I am knowledgeable about photonics markets, including emerging technologies like Silicon Photonics. In my practice, I focus on additional topics of sensors, internet of things, and machine learning/artificial intelligence.

Throughout the last 17 years I have been directly involved in commercialization of technology in markets including wireless communications, automotive, telematics & M2M, computing, and consumer electronics. I have government R&D and management experience, including conducting defense-related work.

I hold a BS in ChE from the University of Colorado, and a Professional Certificate in Total Quality Management.  I have completed a number of MOOC courses, including topics in machine learning, data science, encryption, game theory, cyber security, and competitive strategy.  I was the Outstanding Senior in Science & Engineering at the University of Colorado, and received a Dean's scholarship.  I have been awarded 18 patents and have several others in process.  I received a U.S. Department of Commerce Bronze Medal Award, the highest honor given by the Director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology.


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